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Lash Lift

ellee lash lift before and after

We are so excited about the results we have been getting at So U Beauty with the Lash Lift Treatment and for the clients that want to know a little more about it we thought we should share what has been happening at the salon. You will love the treatment that defines and curls the lashes from the root only making them lift up making your lashes look longer and fuller.  It doesn't even matter if you have long or short lashes the results are amazing.

Ladies have started to hear about Lash Lifting probably from social media and are calling us to explain how it works and are normally shocked when I say "Yes it's a great treatment for the natural looking lady that doesn't want Lash Extensions". I normally suggest come in and have a consulation we can show you pictures of clients that have had their lashes lifted.

The whole process takes around 35 minutes and is pain free!  But if  you remember going to the hair dresser with your mum and smelling that perm solultion this treatment will bring that memory back - yes it still smells like good old perming solultion. We apply silocone rods which feels slightly weird then apply the solution to be left on depending on your consultation, normally around 7 - 10 minutes, so this is even possibel to have the Lash Lift in your lunch hour.
The best part is the treatment lasts around 8 - 12 weeks and we have an amazing offer for $50 which includes your Brows Tidied, Lash Lift plus your Lashes tinted. Now who wouldn't want these results.  We have done many Lash Lifts at So U Beauty and I can confidently recommend them to anyone wishing to make their eyes look more defined and lifted.  Why not just give us a call on (02)66434447 and make an appointment today.  Imagine waking up everyday for upto 12 weeks not having to curl or even put mascara on if you didn't feel like it.


Winter Skin

Change is our new vibe word – and we have had many

At our salon. This new look newsletter from us will have

You looking, learning, not to mention trying (that’s us hoping) our new services and products.


So let’s introduce our new service LASH LIFTING. We have ladies say they would love their lashes to lift but they don’t want lash extensions. We have the answer. The Lash Lift is now available with an introductory price $30 plus Lash Tint for the first 10 people (shhh don’t tell anyone it will be normally around $50) Call 6643 44447 or go to our Face Book Page and send us a message with your email address to find out more information.

Face - Get Ready for Winter

This is the time you may need to boost the nourishing power of your cleanser. Natural cream, oil and balm type cleansers will dissolve makeup and toxins while keeping the skin soft while strengthening it against irritation and redness.

Protect the skin during the day with a slightly richer moisturiser, heavy doesn’t always mean better. Watch out for petroleum ingredients like mineral oil and paraffin. These will only coat the skin, leaving it feeling moisturised initially but over time the skin will dehydrate and become congested.

Instead go for a natural emulsified blend of plant oils in creams like Good Juice and rich plant based balms such as Green Juice, also perfect for dry spots and eczema, and can be applied all over the face or layered over a night time face oil such as Superfood.

Once a week treat the face with a rich moisturising face mask. The Vanilla + Honey is full of creamy goodness and can even be left on the skin over night.

Professional Facial

If you’re really looking to escape the cold, book in to see us for a Plumberry Pamper Peel. This treatment uses fruit acids and enzymes to unveil fresh, smooth and glowing skin. While it’s important not to over exfoliate the skin during winter, as this can weaken the skin’s barrier, the Plumberry facial is a beautiful treatment that will also nourish and restrengthen the skin. Be sure to call to book in today.

Winter is a wonderful time to indulge in great food and nurturing skincare. Grab your self a warm blanket and hot cup of herbal tea and enjoy your day.

IBX Will Change The Nail Industry Forever

Last week I spoke about completing Level 2 Artistic Educator training and how it really challenged me to learn new techniques with new products but the benefits have amazed me. A bonus about being with this company is the Educators normally receive new products first and this time we have hit gold. Grafton was one of the first to receive this amazing new product called IBX. This product will Strengthen, Repair and smooth the natural nail. A treatment for natural nails that really works and I have seen it with my own eyes. I have to be honest when I first had this amazing product arrive on my doorstep I wondered if all the hype could be true. So like anyone in our industry couldn’t wait to see if IBX would do what it claimed. We have clients enquire all the time about a treatment that they can do to strengthen their nails without applying acrylic or gel and up to this stage we would recommend manicures (a long lengthy process that doesn’t guarantee results) IBX is the first treatment of its kind, it actually penetrates into the nail instead of sitting on top like traditional nail services. IBX is a new kind of salon service offering professional help for weak and damaged nails. This intensive strengthening treatment works so you can build up length and durability starting from the inside out.

Sharon Fallon Goes Up A Level

It’s Party Time at So U Beauty!  After completing an intensive 5 day training on the Gold Coast I have decided to celebrate because it’s not every day you put yourself through tough training and it felt like completing a marathon. I felt confident this time that I had put the study in and knew what to expected after completing Level 1 of Artistic Nail Training.  Well the only thing I hadn’t imagined was that The Vice President and Creative Director of Artistic Nail Deign was coming from the US to take our training for Level 2 Artistic Educator and that her skill and passion would see us most nights late but the night before the exam I was sitting with this amazing Trainer until midnight mentoring me with new skills that would prepare us for the exam the next day. Our clientele doesn’t normally ask for Stiletto nails (the long skinny looking nails) so forming such a nail seemed a real challenge for me but after many attempts if anyone asks me for the up and coming “IN” look I can smash them out now.

Sharon Fallon Will Share A Kadashian Spray Tan

SO U Beauty was so excited to be the first in Grafton to receive the Kardashian Spray Tan and I am so excited to say we LOVED it.  When I first heard about it I have to confess I’m not a Kardashian worshipper  but some (I won’t let the name out) in our salon were quick to endorse the product saying “Sharon we have to try it.  Everything these girls put out are amazing”.  So when our supplier said it’s here we grabbed the chance to try something new in the tanning world.  Now honestly what girl doesn’t like to bronzed.   The first thing I looked for is the point of difference and quality (It is a little for expensive).  They claim it didn’t smell like that spray tanning smell (now that’s a bonus) it actually smelt like berries nice enough to eat.  The product is all natural but penetrates the skin so it should last longer and doesn’t turn orange.  But I will have to get back to you on how long it lasts the only thing I can say as a beauty lover of all great products is that it applied like a dream and the tans that I have had the pleasure to see looked very natural.  I would recommend it for someone who wanted to try a tan for the first time or great colour for the Wedding.  Like the name says Sun Kissed so don’t expect it to come out like a Gold Coast tan.  Here are our tips for the perfect tan but because we specialise in Weddings I did this with the bride in mind.